3 Reasons You Should Be Using A Jumprope For Fitness


Let's face it cardio is important to our health. Unfortunately, it's also boring.

What adds to this dilemma is the equipment we use to do it. Treadmills, ellipticals, stair steppers, and other machines can fall extremely flat for users. Do they have their time and place? Sure. But a majority of the time I don’t want to just float through my workouts mindlessly putting one foot in front of the other on a large, expensive and usually gymbound machine. As a former athlete, I love to test my skills. These machines don’t have a lot to offer in this area. For example, I’m not going to set out to beat a new personal best of how many steps I can do on the stair stepper in 5 minutes. That sounds miserable. In all honesty, it’s not that these machines can’t be effective; they are perfect for some people. It’s just that every time I see people on these devices, they don’t strike me as individuals having a good time. They appear to distracting themselves from the agony of repetition by texting, reading, or talking on the phone.

This is the #1 problem most people have with staying consistent with their workouts.

If you aren’t having fun doing something, then why on earth would you want to do it again and again? Yet, we have all gone through that in the name of fitness and in turn make ourselves miserable in the process. This leads to burn out. I don’t know about you, but when I don’t like doing something, I don’t do it.

This is exactly how some of you feel about your workouts, and you are waiting to make a change once you can’t ignore the reality of the situation anymore.

If this is how you feel or you are simply tired of the same ‘ole routine and want to find something to spice it up, something that will get you excited for a workout, something that will help you look, feel, and move better. You, my friend, need to give the jump rope a whirl, literally.

Here are 3 reasons why you should jump rope:

1. The jump rope is simple, engaging, fun and inexpensive

Truth: Learning to jump rope is a challenge…and that is why I and so many others love it. It isn’t something that you can just pick up and instantly do well. You have to work at it, practice and over time develop the coordination to do it skillfully.

“What if I’m not coordinated?”

No one is to start with. You should have seen me! I was lucky to get two or three rotations before tripping on the darn thing. But, every time I picked up my rope, I did a little better and figured out a few new things which kept me coming back for more. This is something I have heard over and over again from jump ropers. It becomes addicting to them (and did for me) and they can’t wait to see how much better they can do the next workout, which resultantly can’t come soon enough!

Imagine being excited for your next workout!

That is what you are searching for, that is what you need, and I believe the jump rope is the solution to breaking you out of the mundane workout rut you have been stuck in.

2. You won’t just SEE changes in your body, you will FEEL yourself getting better

Because you are having fun with your workout you will find it easier to be consistent. Consistency is the key to unlocking all the rewards fitness has to offer. If you do anything only every once in a while, you will never become good at it, you will never improve your skills performing it, and most likely you will get frustrated and quit. But, when you do something consistently you will start to figure things out and you will start noticing the little things that you can fine tune in order to take your abilities to the next level. Your experience will begin to compound and you will start to see big changes in your progress.

With the jump rope you will burn fat, and lots of it. You will see changes in your body that will further feed the new passion you have for this new skill and your workouts. On top of that, you will also feel yourself getting better. Every time you pick up your jump rope you will notice improvement. You may have set a goal for consecutive jumps without missing and you break it, you challenged yourself to learn 3 new skills and you are finally able to link them together in a freestyle routine, or you notice the speed at which your jumping is getting lot faster and you have people coming up to tell you that “you’re pretty impressive with that thing!”

Each one of these small yet significant victories act as the gasoline being poured on the fire inside you, showing you that you can do this, that you ARE athletic enough, and that you WILL be able to achieve your goal.

3. Results in 30 minutes or less

Our time is the most precious commodity we have and many of us are busier than we have ever been. We have significant others, kids, family, sporting events, jobs, and other responsibilities that need our attention. These can easily take up a good portion of our day, so being able to fit a workout in becomes more challenging and often stressful to even think about.

Did you know that you can get an effective workout in less than 30 minutes? How about under 20 minutes?

What if I told you that you can get a KILLER workout within 15 minutes!?

Of course it depends on what your goals are, but I know you can spare 15 minutes for a better you! Especially when it can be performed virtually anywhere, which is the best feature of all. The jump rope is extremely portable and can easily be performed: in your house, on the deck or patio, in the garage, at the park, in the gym, on vacation, and most other places you can think of. With the jump rope the world is your playground, be as creative as you like and have fun with it!

As you can see the jump rope checks all the boxes for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. It also checks all the boxes for those of you who have never been inspired about working out. I encourage you to give the jump rope a shot and I’m sure you will enjoy it and begin to see your workouts in a completely new way!

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