IT'S BAAAAAACK! The Freedom Fifty Challenge!

I’m challenging you again this year with my Freedom Fifty Challenge!

Give it a go and let’s see what you can do. If you need to modify any exercises, go ahead.

Give it your best shot!

Freedom Fifty Challenge.png


New workout on the YouTube Channel! This workout is going to torch your shoulders and you can make it even more difficult by increasing the weight of the medicine ball (I used a 14 LBer) and/or use a heavier jump rope ( I used the 1/2 LBer).

If you don’t have a medicine ball you can use dumbbells, kettlebell(s), etc in its place. If using a medicine ball make sure you are squeezing it like you want to pop it. This activates more muscles and will make the workout even more effective!

This is a 30/15 Tabata - 30 seconds work followed by 15 seconds rest. The video is a follow along or you can set your own timer and rock this one out on your own.

You can download the workout PDF below.