How To Find The Best Shoe For Jumping Rope

I see the question ‘what is the best jump rope shoe?’ get asked quite a bit and I want to set the record straight.

When did random people on the internet become more versed in choosing the right shoe for YOUR FOOT than you?

Seriously, we are all different and no one shoe is going to magically work for every person just because they jump rope. That being said I took a look at the three main pairs of shoes that I use most often and made a list of the most important features that you should consider when looking for the optimal shoe. You can see the list of features below, but if you want a more in depth visual, check out my YouTube video covering this topic HERE.

Top Jump Rope Shoe Features (in no particular order):

-Foot and ankle support

-Sole flexibility


-Shoe weight


If you really want to learn what the best fit is for your foot, find a specialty running store in your area that will do a fitting. I did that and ended up with my New Balance running shoes. They have, hands down, been my most comfortable shoe quite possibly ever. Not because of the brand or model, but because they were the best match for my foot. Note: if you go this route style may need to take a back seat…..yeah I know, that sucks.

Proper Jump Rope Form for Beginners - Learn how to jump rope faster!

It’s not easy to learn how to jump rope, but it doesn’t have to be.

Beginners often make one major mistake when picking up the jump rope for the first time and that’s practicing with poor form and technique.

Proper form is what you are taught first when learning anything new - how to dribble/ shoot a basketball, kick a soccer ball, throw a baseball, tackle, weight lift……you get the idea.

Form is the foundation on which everything else is built.

Get it wrong and you are setting yourself back from ever achieving your greatest potential. In order to make sure you get it right, I put together a video covering the seven main characteristics of jump rope form so you can see exactly what you need to look for and practice.

I also have a photo you can download HERE, so you have it handy whenever you need a refresher.

Check out the video below to identify the bad habits in your form so you can start fixing them ASAP!

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On The Go Workout | Burn 250+ Calories with this Crossrope Jump Rope Workout!

Giddy up!

This week I got a new 20 minute workout for you that will burn in excess of 250 calories (according to my Polar heart rate monitor). It is a circuit style workout that will challenge you with the 1/2 lb and 1 lb Crossropes. If you do not have weight ropes, you can check out the ones I use HERE, or use any rope you have!

You can also download a pdf of the workout to save HERE!

Good Luck and have fun!

Why Should I Learn Jump Rope Skills?

I have seen people ask this question on social media as well as make statements like

“I don’t need to learn any skills. Basic bounce works just fine for me”

While it is true, you don’t have to learn any jump rope skills if you don’t want to, I personally disagree with statements like this. This is the same as saying, “I don’t need to do any other weight lifting exercises, dumbbell curls work just fine for me”. I think we can all see the ridiculousness of that statement. Different exercises work the body in different ways and produce different results.

In order to show you what I’m talking about I made a video giving you 3 reasons why you SHOULD learn jump rope skills.

Check it out below and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Jump Rope + Abs Workout

A new follow along workout has been posted to the YouTube Channel. It’s a jump rope and abs circuit that will burn some serious calories and strengthen your abs. Using my polar heart rate monitor I ended up burning 250+ calories during the 12 minute workout. Not too shabby!

If you want to do the workout on your own you can download a FREE PDF of the workout by clicking the button below.

You will also find the video below if you would rather follow along and do the workout with me!

IT'S BAAAAAACK! The Freedom Fifty Challenge!

I’m challenging you again this year with my Freedom Fifty Challenge!

Give it a go and let’s see what you can do. If you need to modify any exercises, go ahead.

Give it your best shot!

Freedom Fifty Challenge.png


New workout on the YouTube Channel! This workout is going to torch your shoulders and you can make it even more difficult by increasing the weight of the medicine ball (I used a 14 LBer) and/or use a heavier jump rope ( I used the 1/2 LBer).

If you don’t have a medicine ball you can use dumbbells, kettlebell(s), etc in its place. If using a medicine ball make sure you are squeezing it like you want to pop it. This activates more muscles and will make the workout even more effective!

This is a 30/15 Tabata - 30 seconds work followed by 15 seconds rest. The video is a follow along or you can set your own timer and rock this one out on your own.

You can download the workout PDF below.

How Long Should I Jump Rope?

If you are new to jump rope and don’t know how or where to start, you’re not alone. It’s hard to determine how long you should practice when, quite frankly, you suck at what your practicing. But we all do….or did. This is a good thing though. You’re only going to get better and better at jumping rope. Every session you get to see some amount of improvement and it’s exciting. Seeing or even feeling progress is what keeps us coming back for more.

In fact, it can keep you coming back too much. Too much of anything becomes a bad thing. I know this because I was SO guilty of this when learning to jump rope. If you haven’t done much jumping, I have a shocking revelation for you. Your body won’t be used to it! This means that you are going to get sore in ways you haven’t been sore before and if you keep beating up those same areas day after day you can develop over use injuries. The most common one for jump rope……Shin Splints.

I didn’t just get them once either. I was a glutton for punishment and ended up with three horrible bouts of them! I don’t want this to happen to you so I put together a YouTube video sharing my recommendations for starting out with the jump rope.

Check it out and if you have questions, shoot them in the comments on the video or right here.

Below are 3 workouts you can download once you have got a good grip on form and technique.