shoes for jumping rope

How To Find The Best Shoe For Jumping Rope

I see the question ‘what is the best jump rope shoe?’ get asked quite a bit and I want to set the record straight.

When did random people on the internet become more versed in choosing the right shoe for YOUR FOOT than you?

Seriously, we are all different and no one shoe is going to magically work for every person just because they jump rope. That being said I took a look at the three main pairs of shoes that I use most often and made a list of the most important features that you should consider when looking for the optimal shoe. You can see the list of features below, but if you want a more in depth visual, check out my YouTube video covering this topic HERE.

Top Jump Rope Shoe Features (in no particular order):

-Foot and ankle support

-Sole flexibility


-Shoe weight


If you really want to learn what the best fit is for your foot, find a specialty running store in your area that will do a fitting. I did that and ended up with my New Balance running shoes. They have, hands down, been my most comfortable shoe quite possibly ever. Not because of the brand or model, but because they were the best match for my foot. Note: if you go this route style may need to take a back seat…..yeah I know, that sucks.